who knows what an author needs better than an author?


When you first begin as a writer you might want someone to read your work and look for tone, pacing, plot structure, etc. before you hit that publish button.

You don’t need to be a newbie to want or need a good beta reader. Not everyone chooses to employ someone to do this. However, if you are writing in a new genre or are a brand new writer, a beta read is another tool in the author’s toolbox that can be used to assist in ensuring your book is hitting all the marks.  A beta read is not a development edit. A beta reader is not paid to tell you how to fix it; rather a good beta reader will note what doesn’t make sense in a work of fiction, and most importantly what makes them stop reading and go, “What the heck?” A good beta reader will let you know what throws them out of the story, whether it’s an odd word choice, awkward phrasing, or inconsistencies in the timeline.

If you are looking for a Beta-read, EMAIL Debra (me)  at  for pricing, availability and turnaround time.



What is included in a proofread edit?

A proofread edit is different than a line or copy edit. It is the final look at your novel and includes the following:  a check of your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and subject-verb agreement, and to resolve any formatting issues.

the proofread should be the final edit before you publish 


            FICTION ONLY (at this time; may add non-fiction in 2021)

            I specialize in Romance but can edit all genres EXCEPT Sci-Fi and high

            Fantasy as I am not as familiar with these genres.


                5,000-49,999k or more words 

               $0.006 per word

               (Rush job add $20 per day)


               50k or more words

               $0.007 per word

               (Rush job add $20 per day)


               For 100k+ contact for pricing and extended turnaround time.


Turnaround time is 5-7 business days depending upon the word count of the project. All dates to be agreed upon when you book your service. Time begins when I receive your .docx file on or after the agreed-upon date.


PAYMENT – New customers are required to place a 25% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit via PayPal on the date of booking. The balance is due on the agreed due date BEFORE the final document is returned.  All payments at this time are through PayPal 



FREE SAMPLE EDIT – I will perform a free, 1500 word proofread of your book before you decide, and we agree that we would be a good match. The typical turnaround time is 48-72 hours from receipt of your .docx file. >>>>>>>>>>Please EMAIL ME at to check my availability to perform this sample edit.







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