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My name is Debra Stewart, and I’m the owner of Dragonfly Media Ink.

Dragonfly Media Ink was born from two simple desires; 1) economic, and 2) having seen too many fellow indie authors struggle to find editors and proofreaders who follow through on their commitments. It’s happened to me –twice!– and it’s happened to close author friends as well. No one is perfect; however, there should be accountability, and that is where I believe I can stand out above other author service providers.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to a line or copy edit, or the final proofread of your book before it’s uploaded onto a retail site. Apps or software are no substitute for another pair of eyes and experience in editing. They can and should be used as you write your project, book, blog, social media post, etc. as they are an excellent tool for any writer. They should not be relied upon to catch and correct errors in tone, awkward phrasing, or in most instances, grammar, to name just a few. These items can only be picked up by the human eye; yours and another set of eyes such as a copy editor and or a proofreader are the best choices before you publish your work.

I look forward to working with you on your short story, novella, or novel.

                 ABOUT ME

Like you, I’m a writer and I have a passion for words & finding typos, grammar errors, and formatting issues.

As a fellow writer, I know that price is the number one concern of independent and freelance writers.   I offer competitive and budget-friendly rates for my services.

I also bring almost 40+ years of reading and loving the romance genre. I know how writers feel about their work, and more importantly their voice. My job is not to change your voice; my job is to improve your story’s readability by catching all those unintentional pesky items that sneak into a writer’s project.